There’s an old proverb that reads: ‘What’s the easiest way to find a needle in a haystack? Burn the haystack.’ That’s what Josh and Jesse set out to do when they began this podcast. As two Millennial pastors in an increasingly-ageing denomination, they both recognised there was so much that got in the way of what we’re called to do as Christians: following Jesus, simply and honestly. From politics, church traditions, to fights over the colour of the carpet, there’s so much baggage in Christianity that really has nothing to do with Christ.

Thus, the mission of Burn the Haystack was born: eliminate everything that gets in the way of following Jesus, and explore the richness of the Path of Christ in a new way; a way that speaks life, not condemnation; a way that promotes doubting, not blind loyalty; a way that finds its centre in love, not tradition.

It’s our hope that through the podcast and blog that, as a community, we would forge a new pathway, leave behind that which weighs us down and restricts us from true life in Jesus, and enact real change in our families, workplaces, and local churches.

- Josh, Josh, Jesse, and Laura