Josh Stothers

Josh was born in Australia but is currently a pastor in New Zealand and married to the love of his life Danelle.

Josh grew up as a PK (Pastors Kid) and wasn’t really sure of his place in life and church through his teenage years until he picked up a guitar and well, the rest is history.

His favourite parts of ministry are Worship, Preaching/Teaching and working with teenagers. Josh prides himself on his high energy and optimistic outlook on life. He loves to create music using whatever is available to him or to dive in deep to understand how all kinds of different music is made. He also loves to geek out on all things Nintendo.


Jesse Herford

Jesse has lived in over 20 different towns in his life; from Narembeen, Australia, to Tauranga, Aotearoa. He is married to his best friend, Carina, and is currently working as lead pastor of Mosaic Community Church in Palmerston North, New Zealand and chaplain of the local Adventist Primary School.

Jesse is a self-confessed nerd. He grew up reading The Lord of the Rings, playing Age of Empires, and pretending that the thistles on the farm he grew up in were battle droids just waiting to be cut down by his lightsaber (possibly just a stick).

Today, Jesse loves pastoring, podcasting, PC gaming, and reading. He’s passionate about the local church as a movement for good in the world, and believes that true life isn’t found in denominational loyalty, theological orthodoxy, or religious relevancy. Jesse believes that we come most alive when we live in the Way of Jesus, and follow in his footsteps.


Josh wood (aka the.bald.ginger)


Josh Wood (not to be confused with Josh Stothers) was born and raised in regional Victoria and now Ministers in Melbourne, Australia where he lives with his wife, Emma.

Josh loves administration (especially Microsoft Excel) and finding new tools with which he can do ministry. He also really enjoys all things to do with random pieces of information and would be a great addition to your trivia team with a specialty in pop-culture.

Josh has had the privilege of ministering in multiple countries and even spent quite some time in the United States. Josh has joined the Burn the Haystack team as a regular contributor to our blog and website and occasional guest on the podcast when it comes to Church policy and politics.