How to Incite an Insurrection in Your Local Church

In September 2019 we ran a month-long series focussing on the local church. Episodes 78 & 79 od the podcast focussed on 7 steps to bring change to your church. You can listen to the podcast (we’d encourage you to do so), but we also had Josh put together a written version of these steps for your reference too.


7 Steps to Bring Change in Your Church

1. Pray

  • This is where you begin to see your church the way God wants you to see it.

  • Pray for your leaders, pray for your community, pray for vision, wisdom and courage. Then actually expect God to show up.

2. Attend

  • You know how many people complain about church when they go to a service once a month? I get it. You might not get much out of but you can only give back and bring change if you show up. This also builds trust with those around you and gives a clearer picture of what’s actually happening.

3. Sit in the front

  • No,I’m not joking! And yes, this actually makes a difference. Fine. Sit in the second or third row but seriously claim it. Why? Take a look who sits in those rows a lot of the time... it’a those who are involved, those who are leaders, those who are engaged. Everyone knows this but at the same time no one notices. From the front you actually set the tone for the whole room.

4. Get involved in an area that has serious need, not just the glamorous ones

  • One of the most rewarding things you can do is step in to an area of church that needs you and help serve those around you. Kids Sabbath school groups always seem to need help and it would probably be awesome for the kids if someone who wasn’t their parent was in the room being a part of their spiritual development. Teens? Pathfinders? Deacons? Greeters? A ministry that doesn’t exist yet? There is a lot a church can do when people don’t just serve in parts of the church that directly benefit them but build the church as a whole.

  • No you don’t need to be qualified, God qualifies you for it when you step out in faith.

5. Make a plan

  • Write down what you want to see happen in the church and why

  • Try to think of it from as many angles as possible and what’s actually going to be best for the mission of your church

  • Your church doesn’t have a mission? Start there. What do you think it should be and why?

  • If you can do research into your church it’s gifts, passions and then into your local demographic that’s even better.

  • When you write down what you want to see and why, it helps you really put considered time and effort into your dreams and helps contextualise the reality of it coming to fruition.

6. Go to business meetings and have your say

  • Ok, I know a lot of you are probably closing this article when you read this step but HANG ON! Business meetings aren’t meant to be scary and if they are you need to let them know. They are supposed to be for everyone, so it is the leaders responsibility to strive to make this a warm environment.

  • This is where if you have a concern that the church is heading the wrong way, you can voice your concerns and it’s ok! It’s what it’s for. If your church is about to blow a whole bunch of money on something you don’t think will work, you should say something. Just make sure you are doing it out of love and mission and you’ve done at least a bit of research / thinking about it so that what you have to say has some weight.

  • This is also where if you’ve got an idea, send it to the leader ahead of time to get it on the agenda and then share it. People will vote and either be for or against it... That’s the part we don’t like but honestly, sharing any idea is scary, but this is a great way to get feedback but you need to be open and ready to listen. Plus a lot of the time people are keen for new ideas as long as they don’t compromise their values!

7. Repeat

  • Now be prepared to do it all again because the longer you keep doing this, you will bring change to your church. It might not change everything in one go but as you continue it will impact those round you.

You might be thinking that this sounds way too hard but honestly we need to challenge ourselves to work hard to get this right. Jesus is the hope for humanity and the church is the beacon pointing to Him so we want you to pour everything you can into getting this right.

It matters to me because I want people to have the same amazing experience I have with Jesus that changed my life. I’m guessing if you’ve made it to the end it matters to you too!