What is Church?


What is Church?

by Josh Wood

This past week I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of a Church Planting Conference held by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It’s not the first time they’ve held this Conference, but it is my first time attending. I suppose one of the advantages of attending this Conference after some years of its existence is the opportunity to hear the stories of the successes (and failures) of those who are planting churches.

As a pastor I often get frustrated by what I see happening in our churches and the attitudes of some members (so much so I wrote about it here). Yet, this past week has been refreshing to hear stories and connect with people who have found a way to push through the politics, to push through the barriers, to push through the fear and find a way to reach out to their communities in a real and meaningful way.

Are you sitting down?

It almost seems revolutionary to think that ‘church’ isn’t about a sermon, singing songs or taking up an offering. That is perhaps better defined as ‘corporate worship.’ Church isn’t even a building (cliche, I know, sorry). Church, in its purest form is a community of people who are doing life together. Imagine that, people of different forms, walks and backgrounds, doing life together sharing in joys of life events, consoling each other through times of loss. Each of the events of our own individual lives allow us to do evangelism in a real, meaningful and positive way. Not through big programs, but through sharing in life together and showing people we really care for them regardless of religious affiliation.

I wonder, how are you living out your life in such a way that the church is a living, breathing organism interacting with secular people rather than a building or time of day?


Josh Wood is a Pastor in the Victorian Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and lives in Melbourne.